You'll Wanna Try These

When you think of Cannabis edibles, what do you think of?
That one time (maybe at band camp) where you ate a little too much and now you never want to eat them again? Yeah… That used to be us too.

Until we created TREATSANDTREATS.

We keep things simple and effective: Cannabis-infused baked goods delivered right to your door. We’ve spent years perfecting our infusion method and recipes so we can provide the best tasting treats – no nasty plant taste, no nasty odour. Our cannabis edibles will please your taste buds and fulfill your personal needs.

Why us?

You'll get relief

We specialize in baking – both ways. Whether you’re partaking in edibles to wind down and relax, celebrating a special occasion or relieving some pain, we’re here for you. You can choose from our comfy classic treats, or introduce your taste buds to our bakery inventions. We’re always thinking of new products, so check back often!

We strive for quality

We take pride in making sure our products are baked with quality, high-grade cannabis. Each order we create is individually dosed to ensure the longest shelf-life possible, so you can take your time and safely consume at your own pace. We make sure quality is maintained from the moment you place an order to the moment it hits your doorstep.

You can trust us

All our orders are labelled discreetly and packages are shipped to you securely. With every order, we provide a tracking number so you can stay updated on each stage in the delivery process. Providing you with the great customer service and protecting your privacy is important to us. And, if you ever have any questions, our support team is readily available.

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