Happy New Year!

With 2022 in the books, it’s time for us at TREATSANDTREATS to turn the page on our business plan to 2023.

What’s on the front burner

Finalizing our oven purchase

In conjunction with our licensed production partner, we have begun preparing the facility for the impending arrival of an industrial electric deck oven.

In many ways, this will be the most critical purchase for TREATSANDTREATS. Due to our insistence on operating with a deck oven (direct heat from the surface below) as opposed to cheaper convection ovens (hot air blown around all surfaces), this is our proverbial “shovel in the ground” step to building on our business plan.

With the funds raised from our crowdfunding campaign, this step has been made possible.

Finishing strong on our crowdfunding campaign

Regarding the state of our crowdfunding campaign, here’s where things stand.

  • Initial fundraising goal: $25,000
  • Funds raised to date: $30,116
  • Campaign end date: January 30th, 2023

With sincere gratitude to our friends, family, and loyal customers, TREATSANDTREATS has achieved and surpassed our fundraising goal. Although we have met our first goal of $25,000, we remain open to further investment and will attempt to raise more funds in the remaining weeks of the campaign.

Issuance of share certificates

We will be mailing out share certificates to our first round of investors at the close of our campaign. All securities that have been purchased through the campaign have been registered with the appropriate provincial securities commission.

A new addition to the team

As we have fully transitioned to licensed production, changes to our legacy business structure are to be expected.

To support and maximize the potential of our core business operations – baking, we are proud to announce that we have added Lamar Walrond to the TREATSANDTREATS team. Lamar will be joining the team as our Director of Business Development.

Lamar Walrond – Director of Business Development

Lamar brings with him 15 years of b2b wholesale experience, and a specialization on the United States cannabis market and it’s Multi State Operators (MSO’s). Along with being a self-described disciple of the Buffett and Munger value investing philosophy, his acumen for good business opportunities will greatly benefit the future of TREATSANDTREATS.

What’s on the side burner

Maximizing our BC-based production advantages

With the announcement and roll out of the BC direct program, licensed producers located in British Columbia can now sell directly to licensed stores in the province.

This is game-changing news.

Instead of having to convince a provincial board to sell our treats to its network of stores, as a BC-based licensed producer we can now access the retail market directly. This change ensures fresher treats on store shelves by bypassing the provincial warehouse in the transaction. This change will also remove an unnecessary gate to market access.

With nearly 500 licensed stores across the province of British Columbia, we now have the ability to truly own our home market.

Choosing the right marketing agency

In our quest to own our home market, choosing the right marketing agency will be a critical cog in the flow of operations. Over the coming months, we intend to make a choice from the handful of viable options we have amassed and will announce our choice at the appropriate time.

What’s on the back burner

Ontario and Alberta

Ontario and Alberta will be pursued in 2024. With Ontario being the largest and most competitive market and Alberta following right behind, the experience accrued in 2023 will lend well to a more seasoned entry to both of those markets in 2024.

The rest of Canada (except Quebec – of course. Beets. They are selling beets)

The remaining provinces – aside from Quebec – will be explored on a to-be-determined basis. Quebec only wants to sell beets.


Monitoring opportunities outside of Canada

As other countries edge toward legislation of cannabis, TREATSANDTREATS will maintain a keen eye on opportunities outside of our borders.

  • United States

With Multi State Operators (MSO’s) ready for the ever-seeming imminent federal decriminalization of cannabis, the landscape of legal cannabis on both sides of the border will be due for rapid change as a result. We are therefore preparing for opportunities south of the border that may arise.

  • Europe

As member states in the European Union begin to bring legislation forward for discussion on the topic of access to cannabis, Europe continues to be a market worthy of attention. As things progress in each member state, we will monitor for opportunities to produce within those markets.

What’s in the oven

Research and Development

With the advent of the BC direct program which allows for shorter oven-to-shelf times in British Columbia, more recipes in our catalogue of offerings have become viable for the market. Due to this, we have begun research and development on future products.

Standard operating procedures

To ensure a seamless entry to market, we are documenting our standard operating procedures and readying all necessary documents to ensure our new product submissions are without fault and processed successfully

New product submission

Although we do not require listing within the province’s warehouse of products to access the market due to the BC direct program, having a centralized distributor is still an asset for mass distribution when moving products at a large scale. For this reasons, we will still submit products to the BCLDB for distribution.

2023 and Beyond

With the new year ahead of us and lots of progress behind us, TREATSANDTREATS is excited to deliver on an amazing 2023 and beyond.

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