You'll Want What We Got

When you think of Cannabis edibles, what do you think of?
That one time (maybe at band camp) where you ate a little too much and now you never want to eat them again? Yeah… That used to be us too.

Until we created TREATSANDTREATS.

We keep things simple and effective: Cannabis-infused baked goods. We’ve spent years perfecting our infusion method and recipes so we can provide the best tasting treats – no nasty plant taste, no nasty odour. Our cannabis edibles will please your taste buds and fulfill your personal needs.

Why us?

Handmade in Small Batches

We specialize in baking. That’s why we hand-make all of our products. No two pieces are alike and we want to keep it that way. Every treat is carefully crafted by our team of bakers. Small batches mean we can ensure that everything is baked to perfection while maintaining the highest quality.

Quality over everything

We take pride in making sure our products are baked with quality, high-grade THC distillate, CBD isolate and CBN isolate. We make sure quality is a priority from the moment we begin our process to the moment our treats reach your hands.

Strong Legacy Roots

We’re not just some cannabis company that popped up overnight. We have strong legacy roots and have been involved in the cannabis community in Vancouver, BC over 10 years strong. We know who our customers are, what they want, and how to give it to them.

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