Who here is sick of Covid-19? You, over there in Toronto, how you feelin’? How about you, Vancouver? And what sayeth thou, Montréal. I think all of Canada has had just about enough of the masks (and foggy glasses for the visually challenged), hand sanitizer, closed stores, social distancing – and lockdown.

But too bad for us, eh? Here comes that promised and predicted second-wave lockdown. Let’s take a closer look at the situations in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montréal to see how Canada’s urban centres are coping.

Lockdown in Toronto

Things are getting wild in the 6. Beef brisket anyone?

The crazies are being crazy but they do (usually…?) go crazy for some initial reason that isn’t being addressed. In this case we gotta ask, “what’s not being addressed?” I think, it’s the encroachment on their liberty without any recourse that they deem suitable for the forfeiture of their rights.

Hear me out.

The anti-maskers, like most conspiracy theorists, disband once disproved. If they were fed – exclusively – empirical information on the spread of covid-19, they may be less inclined to think they are being lied to when their livelihood is on the line. We need to communicate better when withdrawing any individuals rights without their consent.

If small-businesses didn’t have a logical hill to die on (I need to pay my bills and you won’t pay them), they wouldn’t be up in arms about another lockdown. If we take care of our local, Canadian, small-businesses like we have taken care of our individuals, they could rest assured they are doing the right thing shutting their doors during a pandemic.

I think tempers are just a little high right now and patience is running thin, for everyone. Hopefully cooler minds will prevail in the 6.

Lockdown in Vancouver

Vancouver has entered a proper lockdown finally (now with masks!)

Full disclosure, I love Vancouver. I’ve got a soft spot for the gem on the left coast. It’s a total beaut.


Man, I was disappointed to see the low-level mask usage when I was there in the summer. I always preach Vancouver’s exceptionalism as I traverse the confederation of provinces and territories we now call Canada. Mask usage was only suggested on TransLink buses and SkyTrains, ditto for public indoor spaces until it was made mandatory in August 2020.

You broke my heart, Vancouver! You were supposed to save them, not become one of them!

(… Never thought a Ford family member would be the most effective Canadian Premier in a pandemic…)

This second wave is hitting BC shores – and all of the Western provinces – significantly harder this time. A sense of false security has set in due to lax behaviour that yielded good results in the first wave.

Vancouver needs to do better and will do better. I expect nothing less.

Stay strong, Vancouver. I know you’ll do better.

Lockdown in Montréal

No one – still, since this whole pandemic began – knows what’s going on. And the small businesses are letting the gouvernement know that “non, ça ne vas pas bien”. Seriously, there’s a Facebook group with loads of small-business owners who are literally pleading for the attention of the government. Due to the the government’s mismanagement of this pandemic, small-businesses on the island of Montréal are getting financially slaughtered.

Québec, my home, my place of birth… You are once again punching above your weight in all the wrong categories. And it always hurts to watch you do this to yourself.

Total population: Ontario  14.57m > Québec 8.48m

Cases per capita: Québec 135/per 100k > Ontario 88/per 100k (as of November 26th)

This, is bad.

Covid outbreaks in hospitals and long-term care facilities are the norm once again.

This, is bad.

Monsieur Legault and friends, umm, wanna start trying?

We Shall Overcome

To end this cross-Canada rant, I just want to say, we’re all in this together. Whether we like it or not.

Let’s try to be a little kinder, friendlier, and more patient with one another as we get through this second wave. Let’s try a little harder to give more than we receive. This second lockdown is hitting us all differently, but we can all offer a little more empathy and compassion for those it may be hitting harder than they can manage.

Since we’re all here again, we’re making all orders 10% off until the new year. Visit the store, try something new or stock up on old faithfuls, and use promo code “LOCKDOWN” to get the discount.

Stay classy, Canada.

Yannick Craigwell

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