What’s Next?

Great question. Since Day 1, when I started TREATSANDTREATS, the goal was to sell the best baked goods. Full stop. However, as the law-abiding type of person that I am, I was never willing to formally commit to a business-model that was in direct opposition to the law. That’s just bad business. Legalization was always the desired course of action.

With that being said, we have great news to announce. We have partnered with Health Canada Licensed Elevate Wellness Inc. to begin production on a line of cannabis-infused baked goods from TREATSANDTREATS INC. Our cannabis-infused baked goods will be available through licensed cannabis retailers in 2023.

Through this partnership, TREATSANDTREATS INC. will now have access to Canada’s licensed cannabis market as well as Germany’s in the EU. Subsequently, TREATSANDTREATS INC. will no longer operate the TREATSANDTREATS brand in the legacy market and will commit all resources to the growth of our offerings on the legal market.

We are extremely excited about this partnership and absolutely love working with the team at Elevate Wellness Inc.

Legacy to Legal: Crowdfunding with Equivesto

Considering this news, if you are wondering where TREATSANDTREATS INC. is at in the “Legacy to Legal” transition, here’s a good baseball analogy:

We've just got some good wood on a high heater – the exit velocity and trajectory are looking nice. But we’re no hot dogs so we're running the bases with conviction because we don’t count our chickens before they hatch.

(The less dramatic version of that rant: We’re rounding first base – but we’re picking up steam and we’re coming home with conviction baby.)

Now, as customers and fans of TREATSANDTREATS that are reading this, you’re probably wondering, “OK that’s all good and everything, but just tell me where/how/when I can get my treats again!” I hear ya. And here’s the skinny on the operation.

To fund our transition to the legal market, we’ve partnered with Equivesto, the first company licensed in Canada to use crowdfunding as a means to raise capital through the sale of equity/shares in a corporation. (Basically, we’re offering ownership in our small-business through a licensed crowdfunding platform).

With the money raised, we will purchase the necessary equipment and supplies to meet Health Canada and EU cannabis distribution standards. This is where you – the customers and the fans of the brand – come in. With your help, we can accelerate the return of TREATSANDTREATS to a shelf near you. At TREATSANDTREATS INC., we know what we need to get the job done. We’ve pretty much got it all covered, but, making sure the coffer is filled and battened down is just good business.

To ensure our stack is prettttty prettttty good, we are inviting you – our customers and fans – to be a part of our transition to the legal market. Through Equivesto’s crowdfunding platform, we are offering the opportunity to become an owner in a brand you already know and trust, and the chance to really make a difference in the operations of a Canadian, black owned small-business. As customers and fans, I truly welcome you to join my friends and family as owners in TREATSANDTREATS INC. For all your support over the years, I offer my sincerest gratitude – and remain hopeful for your continued support in the future.

I’m interested in investing; how does it work?

If you fall in to this category, awesome, love you, welcome to the family. To make the process simple, here are a few easy steps:

  • Go to: https://equivesto.com/treatsandtreats
  • Hit the “Express Interest” button
  • Fill in: First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone Number
  • Check “Yes” box to “Do you reside in Canada” question
  • Hit “Join Waitlist” button

That’s it. For now.

Join the waitlist to be informed on the process and walked through it step by step before the September 20th campaign launch date. When the TREATSANDTREATS INC. crowdfunding campaign on Equivesto’s crowdfunding platform begins, supporters will be able to purchase ownership (shares) in the company for as little as $100 (or more if desired).

As we continue our transition over to the legal side, stay tuned to the blog – it’s about to get spicy. Because after we get done with this crowdfunding campaign, oooooo boy…. We’ll see what’s ’bout to happen next.

Okay? Okay?

Yannick Craigwell
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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